Sustainable Architecture

Affordable pop-up house
snaps together like LEGO bricks

Multipod unveiled the Pop-Up House, an affordable prefab that snaps together like LEGO in only four days.

The low-cost passive home requires no special to assemble, and it delivers outstanding performance. The first prototype built in the pine valleys of the South of France features lightweight and breathable materials.

The structure of the Pop-Up House is made from insulating blocks and wooden panels – a unique low-cost system patented by Multipod Studio that provides outstanding thermal insulation. The materials used in the construction are inexpensive, while the thermal envelope reduces the need for additional heating.

The construction requires no special tools except for a screwdriver since the Pop-Up House snaps together like Lego bricks. The entire building is constructed by assembling insulation blocks separated by wooden boards using long wood screws. This type of assembly allows for a 100 percent removable and recyclable solution.